The Academy of Community Health Experts is a not-for profit social enterprise created to deliver high quality healthcare. community based contracts, utilising local expertise. We invest 100% of of profits into training local healthcare staff, to deliver care closer to home.

We are currently centred in Leicestershire. We think what we do is pretty smart – we hope to be in other areas soon!

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GP, Educator, Health Foundation Fellow

Founding member of ACHE – Rish Prasad is a Leicester City based GP Rish has broad experience of providing and commissioning services, his expertise lies in drawing together multiple strands of health care into a strategic context.


Additionally, Rish was until recently, the Director of Primary Care for Health Education East Midlands and holds honorary positions with several universities and charities. He is an Honorary Professor of Health and Life Sciences at De Montfort University and is currently a partner in 3 GP practices.

GP, Primary Care Surgeon

Founding member of ACHE – Nic is a GP in Coalville. He trained in London, and then worked in obstetrics before being seduced into the world of primary care.  He is joint chair of the North-West Leicestershire GP Federation and is keen to promote Federations across the whole of Leicestershire – as a way forward for primary care.  He is an avid Rugby Fan (Leicester Tigers of course), and played both at Medical school and at Club sides.

 Nic also enjoys long distance cycling challenges (London to Paris 24hour challenge, Donnington to Mizano) and climbing mountains.  He wants to ensure that ACHE develops a strong GPwSI training programme and develop a highly skilled GPwSI offering across LLR.

GP, NHSE Associate Medical Director

Founding member of ACHE – Mohamed Roshan is a Leicester City based GP, who has been involved in leadership and commissioning at various levels from fundholding, locality commissioning and as deputy chair of ELR CCG in the past.


Mo has been involved in bidding for various successful projects in primary care and has also been active in education and quality initiatives in Leicester – in his previous role as Associate Medical Director. He has a wealth of commercial experience in the pharmaceutical industry and played key roles within strategic, research and marketing directorates

 GP, IM&T Lead

Founding member of ACHE – Aruna is a Leicester based GP and IM&T lead within the LLR Alliance.  She brings extensive experience of IT, clinical pathways and governance.

Aruna has a keen focus on the development of integrated care pathways and provision of services within the community, having had experience of transformation of Gynaecology services previously.

Aruna has been involved with several tenders including the Alliance Elective Care tender, Sexual Health tender and several AQPs.  Aruna recognises the opportunities for Digital support of integrated care pathways and plays a role in this within ACHE and the wider health economy.


GP, Primary Care Surgeon

Founding member of ACHE – Fahad is a Senior GP Principal and lead tutor for his Leicester City practice. He is also a tutor at the Leicester Medical School and has been performing and teaching minor surgery and vasectomies at his practice. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and has worked as an Orthopaedic, General and Urology surgeon in West Midlands, Surrey, Sussex and Wessex for over 6 years.

Fahad has received recognition and numerous awards in his career, the recent one being ‘Excellence in Clinical Teaching’ from Leicester Medical School, University of Leicester. He aims to lead ACHE by utilising his surgical skills and training doctors, nurses and other medical and non-medical staff.


BA (Hons), Chief Executive Officer

Jacquie joined ACHE in July 2017 helping to establish the company, its services and position within the local health economy.  Jacquie is a graduate of Loughborough University and brings over 35 years’ experience working in industry, charities, construction, armed forces, health services and local and national government.